Double Edged Double Bill

136: Batman V Superman V Harley Quinn - Birds of the DCEU

December 22, 2020

After a troubling year, comic book films are returning with Wonder Woman 1984 this week on HBO Max! So, Adam and Thomas are celebrating by taking a look back at the DCEU film series. Warner Bros has had plenty of growing pains from the start of this DCEU continuity with Man Of Steel. Thus, Double Edged Double Bill is covering two specific and very different films to represent the growth. First, Harley Quinn roller blades past Gotham City's underworld in the colorful Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)! Then, the Man of Steel and The Caped Crusader face off in the ambitiously sprawling yet baffling Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice! Together, our duo answer all the crucial questions. How delicious does a Gotham bodega egg and cheese sandwich look? Which sad comic strip character does Superman resemble? Which two films will they choose for next week's big 2020 wrap up episode? Well, fly on over to our Bat Cave and don't you dare say our mother's name so you can listen in to find out!


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