Double Edged Double Bill

186: Steven Spielberg Presents Catch Me Crystal Skull If You Can Indiana Jones

December 7, 2021

Steven Spielberg is probably the most recognizable filmmaker of all time. So, he's long overdue for the Double Edged Double Bill treatment! In honor of Steven Spielberg finally tackling the musical genre with his West Side Story, Adam, Thomas and returning guest Marcelo Pico from Talk Film Society are taking a look at two more recent but notable films in his career... for one reason or another. First, Leonardo DiCaprio evades that grasp of Tom Hanks in the true story adventure Catch Me If You Can! Then, Harrison Ford breaks out the whip for the first time in two decades to mixed reception in Indiana Jones & The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull! Together, our heroes answer the crucial questions. Can Christopher Walken please keep dancing happily? Is the nuking the fridge scene really that bad? Which two films will they choose for next week's episode about film noir? Well, take a swing of your crystal skull vodka and fake your way past the FBI agent chasing you so you can listen to find out!


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