Double Edged Double Bill

188: What‘s Up Cats

December 21, 2021

Going from one career to another can be pretty difficult. Transitioning from musician to actor presents a lot of challenges that don't pan out half the time. So, given the 50/50 shot of making that transition effectively, musicians turned actors would making for a great Double Edged Double Bill episode! First, Barbara Streisand channels her inner Looney Tune as she tries to romance a nebbishy Ryan O'Neal in What's Up Doc! Then, musicians like Jennifer Hudson, Taylor Swift and Jason Derulo join the best of stage & screen to be totally embarrassed in Cats! Together, our duo answers the crucial questions. Who is the original manic pixie dream girl? Will we ever see a cinematic disaster as notable as Cats again? Which two films will they cover for next week's episode about 2021 releases? Well, grab your bowel of "MILK" and munch on your carrots as you listen in to find out!


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