Double Edged Double Bill

190: William Shakespeare Prepares a Throne of Blood for Romeo Who Must Die

January 4, 2022

William Shakespeare is one of the most celebrated writers in history. Honestly, it's hard to quantify his influence on art in general over the last several hundred years, let alone on film in particular. However, Adam and Thomas are focusing in on two very different Shakespeare film adaptations in honor of Joel Coen's The Tragedy of MacBeth. First, Jet Li flies through a classic Shakespeare tale via wire fu in Romeo Must Die! Then, Akira Kurosawa adapts Shakespeare's MacBeth to feudal Japan in Throne of Blood! Together, our duo answers the crucial questions. What is the title of the unreleased Shakespeare sequel? Who is the classic Nickelodeon game show host that should've popped up in Romeo Must Die? Which film will they choose for next week's episode on Wes Craven? Well, kick your way through the samurai ghosts of your past to find out!

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