Double Edged Double Bill

192: January Unleashes The Grey & Movie 43 Upon Us

January 18, 2022

January is known as a dump month for film releases. Is such a reputation justified? Well, Adam and Thomas will be the judge of that as they give January releases the Double Edged Double Bill treatment. First, Liam Neeson and a group of plane crash survivors try to make it past hungry wolves and the elements in The Grey! Then, Peter Farrelly tricks a bunch of acclaimed actors into doing horribly unfunny sketches for Movie 43! Together, our duo answers all the crucial questions. Does Liam Neeson love eCards? Can sketch comedy work at feature length? Which two films will they choose for next week's episode about disaster films? Well, howl at the moon and avoid Peter Farrelly's calls so you can listen to find out!


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