Double Edged Double Bill

193: Disaster Films Cause a Geostorm to Rage Over Cloverfield

January 25, 2022

Disaster films aren't as common anymore. Shocker that a modern world plagued by daily chaos wouldn't flock to disasters for their escapist entertainment. Still, Adam and Thomas are running straight into the disaster genre in anticipation of Roland Emmerich's Moonfall! First, Emmerich's partner in crime Dean Devlin unleashes various catastrophic weather events & regretful cast members in Geostorm! Then, a giant monster causes massive metropolitan destruction from a found footage POV in Cloverfield! Together, our heroes answer all the crucial questions. What is the appeal of Gerard Butler? Will gas station pump TVs be the new cinematic format? Which films will they cover on next week's episode about Regina King? Well, grab your DV cams and dodge those frozen seagulls so you can tune in to find out!

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