Double Edged Double Bill

198: Robert Pattinson Gives Us Maps to The Lighthouse

March 1, 2022

While Robert Pattinson is set to fight many a costumed freak in The Batman, one mustn't forget that he's a freak in his own right. So, Adam, Thomas and returning guest Yonathan Habtemichael are here to celebrate fascinating freak and fantastic actor Robert Pattinson by dedicating an episode of Double Edged Double Bill to him! First, Pattinson weirdly plays the most normal character in David Cronenberg's insane Hollywood tale Maps to the Stars! Then, Willem Dafoe leads Pattinson into the mad world of being a wickie in The Lighthouse! Together, our trio answers the crucial questions. How filthy can the film industry be on a metaphorical and literal level? Can a film full of farts be Shakesperian? Which two films will they choose for next week's annual redemption episode? Well, use your star map to locate this episode so you can crack it open like a lobster and listen to find out!


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