Double Edged Double Bill

199: Ip Man Fights Gotti for Redemption

March 8, 2022

Every week, Adam and Thomas choose two films from two good and two bad choices to be the subject of the following week's episode. However, with each new Double Edge Double Bill, more alt choices get tossed to the side. So, every year two unchosen films get a shot at redemption! First, Ip Man - Adam's alt good choice from our first martial arts films episode - gets a chance to show their fighting prowess. Then, Gotti - Thomas' alt bad choice from our John Travolta episode - proves that mob movies don't always go the way of Goodfellas! Together our heroes answer the crucial questions. What separates Donnie Yen from other martial arts titans? Can you trust a troll behind a keyboard? Which two films will they choose for next week's very special episode? Well, bite down on your fist and prepare for a fight to find out!

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