Double Edged Double Bill

202: Michael Mann Presents The Last of the Blackhats

April 5, 2022

Michael Mann is returning to the director's chair for the pilot episode of HBO Max's Tokyo Vice. So, it only seemed right to do a Double Edged Double Bill episode all about this legendary director with two films that leave our cohosts divided! First, The Last of the Mohicans shows a very different side of Michael Mann as Daniel Day Lewis fights in the French Indian War. Then, Chris Hemsworth clacks on a keyboard intensely in Michael Mann's hacker thriller that bombed so hard it put him in director jail Blackhat! Together, our duo answers all the crucial questions. What if Daniel Day Lewis was a traditional 90s action lead? Why do we have very few new movie stars? Which two films will they choose for next week's episode? Well, type out your code so you will find the answers and listen to this week's episode!


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