Double Edged Double Bill

203: Twin Peaks: Fire Walk Carlito’s Way

April 12, 2022

Time to find out the secret origins of two idiots recording a podcast together! This week, Adam and Thomas are avoiding the new Fantastic Beasts by talking about other prequel films! First, the origins of a Brian De Palma classic gangster film we never asked for are revealed in the prequel Carlito's Way: Rise to Power! Then, David Lynch brings us to a time before damn fine coffee with Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me! Together, our heroes answer the crucial questions. How do five years of prison time transform Jay Hernandez into Al Pacino? What is the hidden meaning behind The Black Lodge? Which films will they choose for next week's episode all about Bruce Willis? Well, wear your finest 70s era attire and keep your emerald ring handy as you listen to find out!


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