Double Edged Double Bill

207: Robocop & Hancock: A Cinematic Superhero Team Up

May 10, 2022

Double Edged Double Bill is celebrating it's fourth anniversary and dead or alive you're listening to us! Adam and Thomas take this opportunity to devote an episode to films about superhero that were originally created for film! First, Will Smith plays a drunken reprobate with a Superman power set in the messy Hancock! Then, Paul Verhoeven crafts a film that helped defined the good & bad of the 80s with Robocop! Together, our heroes answer the big questions. Is Hancock the last true blockbuster for Will Smith? How can a film like Robocop balance satiric wit and sleazy shenanigans? Which two films will they choose for next week's episode about A24? Well, turn on the radio in your new car that gets shitty gas mileage and listen to find out!


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