Double Edged Double Bill

214: Have a Wet Hot American Summer at Sleepaway Camp

June 28, 2022

Remember to pack your bug spray and swimsuit for a laugh filled time at summer camp! Adam and Thomas are your counselors, here to guide your through a Double Edged Double Bill of summer camp comedies. First, David Wain assembles one of the most stacked comedy casts of all time for Wet Hot American Summer! Then, an attempt to cash in on the Friday the 13th slasher craze goes horribly wrong, resulting in the laughably baffling Sleepaway Camp! Together, our duo answers the crucial questions. How many jokes can fit into a 97 minute run time? Who is the Sleepaway Camp cast member that is making the hellish world of social media a better place? Which two films will they choose for next week's episode about Natalie Portman? Well, grab your sentient can of vegetables and turn off your curling irons so you can listen to find out!


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