Double Edged Double Bill

228: Blumhouse Shoots Fantasy Island On a Cam

October 11, 2022

Double Edged Double Bill is entering the Blumhouse this spooky season! Thomas and returning guest Jessica Scott explore two films from the production company that is promising us that Halloween Ends this weekend. Sure, Jason. First, a 70s TV series gets a horror makeover in the not-so-fantastic Fantasy Island! Then, a young woman's life and profession are at the mercy of a digital demon in the underrated Internet horror film Cam! Together, our duo answers the crucial questions. How many hats can one film wear? What can we (especially Jason Blum) learn from artists with specific perspectives? Which two films will they choose for next week's Boris Karloff episode? Well, submit your tokens for the wishing well of the damned so you can listen to find out!

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