Double Edged Double Bill

78: Freddy Krueger Gives You A Final New Nightmare on Elm Street

October 29, 2019

Are you ready for Freddy? Yes, A Nightmare on Elm Street is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year. So, Double Edged Double Bill is unfurling the red & green carpet as Adam Thomas and Thomas Mariani are joined by Desmond Alexander Peel of Desmond's Flicks to wrap up October with two films featuring horror icon Freddy Krueger. First up for our trio is the bad pick of Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare, which gave the Elm Street franchise a less than respectful send off. Then their good pick New Nightmare, where Wes Craven returned to give the gloved slasher a meta contextual makeover. Plus, our Dream Warriors answer all the important questions. Why does Freddy look like an action figure? Did Wes Craven will an earthquake into existence? What will the two films be for next week's episode on Arnold Schwarzenegger? Well listen to the podcast of your dreams to find out!

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