Double Edged Double Bill

79: Arnold Schwarzenegger Hopes You Don’t Recall Junior

November 5, 2019

Arnold Schwarzenegger is back in theaters with Terminator Dark Fate so he's getting the Double Edged Double Bill treatment! Adam Thomas and Thomas Mariani bring along returning guest James Rodrigues to talk all about the Austrian action hero. First up is their good feature Total Recall, where Paul Verhoeven got to make a heady sci-fi action film with all the guts & glory that Arnold brings. Then, their bad feature is the comedy Junior where Arnold plays a pregnant man... and takes it seriously? Together, our trio answers all the important questions. Is Michael Ironside a "snacc"? Why isn't Randy Newman on the Junior soundtrack? What two films will the show cover on next week's war films episode? We'll see you at the podcast party to find out, Richter!

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