Double Edged Double Bill

BONUS: Best Movie Villain March Madness 2021 (From Behind the Patreon Paywall)

March 24, 2022

Unfortunately, due to recording schedule issues there is no new regular episode of Double Edged Double Bill this week. However, rather than release nothing this week, we decided to release a bonus podcast from behind the paywall of our Patreon on the main feed! Said bonus episode is 2021's March Madness bracket podcast breaking down the best movie villain! Joining our regular hosts Adam Thomas and Thomas Mariani are returning guests Shakyl Lambert, Kaycee Jarrard and Caitlin Turner! Listen for all the chaos that will follow!

If you like this, consider becoming a Patron for $1 to hear other bonus podcasts, including this year's March Madness podcast breaking down the Best Movie Sequel featuring Yonathan Habtemichael, Jessica Scott and Marcelo Pico!

Hear Thomas on this week's Have Not Seen This Podcast breaking down this years Academy Award nominees!

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