Double Edged Double Bill

164: Marvel And the Not So Cinematic Universe of Logan, Fantastic Four and Silver Surfer

July 6, 2021

This week, folks are celebrating the big screen return of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Black Widow. However, Adam, Thomas and returning guest Emily Slade are looking back at two Marvel comics adaptations outside of the MCU! Yes, it's time to journey back to a time when the biggest set up a film had was a simple tease for one sequel. First, The Marvel's First Family star in a not so fantastic film that is Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer! Then, Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart say farewell to the X-Men franchise with Logan! Together, our trio answer the crucial questions. What does the Silver Surfer have in common with the Teletubbies? How is Logan a metaphor for Disney buying up all the Marvel rights? Which two films will they choose for next week's episode about films starring athletes? Well, glide on over using your cosmic surfboard and have a good cry before you listen to find out!

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